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From Scandinavia

Artisanal cooking from Finland

Our Nordic Cuisine sauce range is inspired by French culinary traditions with a Scandinavian twist. We believe in pure tastes and rely on simple combinations that enhance the rich and natural flavours of our ingredients. Every single product is handmade from ingredients such as bones, vegetables, herbs and spices through careful roasting, simmering and reduction. Prepared exactly like a chef would. Our products are made without any additives or preservatives. Nothing extra, just pure and simple.

Our Products

How we make our products

The ingredients for all Nordic Cuisine products are sourced from trusted suppliers. Many of the ingredients come nearby such as our vegetables for example which come from our own contract farmer. The basic principle how we make the most of our stocks, fonds and sauce bases follow the same steps and are made just like in the kitchen.


After roasting the bones are put into a cooker together with water, vegetables, herbs and spices. The cooking lasts from a few hours up to 24 hours.


In the first phase the bones and vegetables are roasted in an oven.


In order to enhance the flavours and to get the desired structure for the fond they are reduced.


After reduction the fonds go through one final heat treatment before they are packed into packages where they are preserved without any additives or preservatives.

Respecting the nature

The whole production chain of Nordic Cuisine products embraces sustainability. In our production we aim to use sustainable energy sources and therefore we are using renewable biogas to roast our bones and to cook our sauces. The products are packed into eco-friendly carton packages which can be recycled and distributed extremely efficiently with long shelf life. The side products from our kitchen, such as cooked bones and vegetables, return to nature. They are either used to make biogas or fertilizers. The users of our Nordic Cuisine products can often save a great deal on energy costs when they don’t need to make the products themselves.

Sustainability all the way.